Tricks For Whitening Your Teeth At Home


I decided to research on some homemade tricks that can be implemented by those who want whiter teeth!

Try chewing some parsley leaves once a day!

Another example is strawberries, which are also good for teeth whitening: try crushing 3-4 strawberries and put the paste obtained on your teeth for one to two minutes!

The lemon peels remove stains on teeth. Make lemon juice and scrub with a brush, and wait about two minutes. Then wash thoroughly with warm water. Strip all traces of tobacco, coffee … and does not damage the enamel.

We must not forget that it is essential to brush our teeth. A proper brushing takes at least 2 minutes. Just make short strokes, gentle and use a watch, count to 120 or even use a stopwatch to help you manage time. Pay special attention to the gingival margin, with the posterior teeth more difficult to reach the bottom … will have to focus on each sector of his mouth, starting with the surfaces facing the cheek teeth, both lower and upper brush also upper and lower internal surfaces, also not forgetting to brush your tongue, which is one of the places where most bacteria are housed.


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